Commemorating with respect the martyrs of Tabqa and Manbij

Statement of the YPG press center about the martyrdom of Çiyajîn Dirbêsiyê, Zîn Jînda, Bakur Efrîn, Bêrîtan Navdar, Kaya Amed, Leheng Qendîl and Şîlan Efrîn

Commemorating with respect the martyrs of Tabqa and Manbij

The Rojava Revolution, which become the Revolution of all the peoples, brought hope for a life of freedom for women and young people. Many brave individuals, like Zîn, Bakur, Bêrîtan, Kaya, Leheng, Şîlan, and Çiyajîn, joined the fight for freedom without hesitation and defended their society’s values against the oppressive forces of the state. Despite attempts by the capitalist modernity system to assimilate the youth, the values of our revolution continue to be preserved through the hard work and sacrifice of these martyrs. The youth have become the guiding light on the path towards liberation and freedom.

On January 22, 2024, our beloved comrades Zîn, Bakur, Bêrîtan, Kaya, Leheng, and Şîlan fell martyrs in an accident while on duty, becoming in this way immortal. Furthermore, we announce that our dear comrade Çiyajîn reached martyrdom due to illness on February 12, 2024.

As the YPG and YPJ, People’s and Women’s Defense Units, we extend our deepest condolences to the families of our fallen comrades and to our entire community. We vow to continue the fight for a free and democratic society, in honor of the sacrifice made by these immortal martyrs.

Our beloved friend Zin Jinda, who was the commander of the unit, was born into a family dedicated to the fight for liberation in Derik. Immersed in the teachings of Leader APO from a young age, her ultimate dream was to free him and meet him in person. This dream fuelled her search for freedom, leading her to join the YPJ in 2016. Determined to embody the spirit of a truly free woman, Zin played a crucial role in the battle against ISIS, as well as in the resistance against the Turkish occupation. Her bravery shone brightly on the front lines of the “Şerê Berxwedana Rûmetê,” (the battle of dign resistance – the one for the defense of Serekaniya against Turkish occupation – 2019) where she fought with unwavering courage. Through her experiences in war and her ideological education, Zin deepened her understanding of the true nature of conflict and oppression. Committed to educating others in the principles of national democracy, she devoted herself to spreading awareness about the harsh realities of ISIS and occupation, organizing meetings with the population in every area she went. Zin’s fallen comrades, the joyful Jînda Pakrewan, the courageous martyr Rêvan, and the compassionate martyr Zîn Kobanê, served as beacons of inspiration for her in the ongoing struggle for women’s freedom. In their immortal legacy, Zin found strength and guidance as she marched onward towards the ultimate goal of liberation.

The dear friend Bakur Efrîn was born in Efrîn, into a family deeply connected to the struggle for their homeland. The loss of his brother Ahmed, who became a martyr in the battle of Aleppo in 2015, had a profound impact on him, fuelling his anger towards the enemy. Many other family members are also involved in the defence forces, a situation that highlights the stark reality of the brave people of Aleppo. Through his selfless and loyal demeanor, our friend Bakur honed his skills in both military and revolutionary endeavors, rapidly gaining invaluable experiences.

Our friend Bêrîtan Navdar, hailing from Serekaniye but raised in Amude, was deeply affected by the occupation of Serekaniye, which prompted her decision to join the revolutionary cause. From a young age, Bêrîtan displayed a steadfast dedication to embracing and embodying the essence of a free woman, armed with a fierce determination to resist the occupying forces. Despite being very young when joining the YPJ, she quickly developed a profound understanding of the country’s reality and the women’s revolution, wholeheartedly taking on all responsibilities with unwavering enthusiasm and knowledge.

Our dear friend Leheng Qandil, hailing from Serekaniye with Arab nationality, made the courageous decision to join the YPG in 2019, inspired by the ideals of Leader APO and democratic confederalism. Witnessing the valour of the YPG and YPJ fighters, he felt a deep sense of duty to defend his country and the revolution. After undergoing rigorous ideological and military training, he came to understand the power of people’s freedom in overcoming oppression and tyranny, and bravely took his place on the front lines of the battle.

Meanwhile, our beloved Şîlan Efrîn grew up amidst the conflicts of revolutionary warfare in Aleppo, a city steeped in the history of the Rojava revolution. From a young age, she experienced the harsh realities of war, occupation, and suffering first hand. Motivated by these experiences, she joined the revolutionary cause and dedicated herself to honing her skills in various areas. With a particular focus on military expertise, she underwent intensive training in specialized military tactics before putting her knowledge into practice. Without hesitation, she committed herself to the defense of her homeland and women’s rights, embracing the revolutionary life with unwavering determination.

Our dear friend Kaya Amed hails from Serekani, the capital of the ancient Mitani civilization. In 2016, he joined the YPG to defend the gains of the revolution. Inspired by the sacrifices of the martyrs, he fought bravely against the enemy. After undergoing rigorous training, he deepened his knowledge of history and the struggle for women’s freedom. His youthful energy uplifted and strengthened his friends.

On February 12, 2024, our beloved comrade Çiyajîn Dirbêsiyê also became a martyr due to illness. Born into a patriotic family, she joined the revolution in 2021. Her sincerity and devotion endeared her to all. Active in the Autonomous Women Units, she embraced life with a strong sense of duty.

As the People’s Defense Units, YPG and YPJ, we reaffirm our allegiance to our martyrs and offer our deepest condolences to their families and our people. Comrades Zîn, Bakur, Bêrîtan, Kaya, Leheng, Şîlan, and Çiyajîn dedicated their lives to the cause of the revolution. We will honour their legacy, fulfill their dreams, and continue on the path they have shown us.

Nom de guerre: Çiyajin Dirbesiye
Name and surname: Ronya Eli
Mother’s name: Nura
Father’s name: Mihemed
Place and date of martyrdom: Minbic 12.02.2024

Nom de guerre: Zin Jinda
Name and surname: Behiye Ebdilmecid
Mother’s name: Emel
Father’s name: Kawa
Place and date of martyrdom: Tapka 22.01.2024

Nom de guerre: Şilan Efrin
Name and surname: Şilan Hurik
Mother’s name: Emine
Father’s name: Qaziqli
Place and date of martyrdom: Tabka 22.01.2024

Nom de guerre: Beritan Navdar
Name and surname: Ronahi İbrahim
Mother’s name: Sılava
Father’s name: Rodi
Place and date of martyrdom: Tabka 22.01.2024

Nom de guerre: Leheng Qendil
Name and surname: Beşar Mihemed
Mother’s name: Safiye
Father’s name: Mihemed
Place and date of martyrdom: Tabka 22.01.2024

Nom de guerre: Kaya Amed
Name and surname: Mihemed Mano
Mother’s name: Fatma
Father’s name: Sileman
Place and date of martyrdom: Tapka 22.01.2024

Nom de guerre: Bakur Efrin
Name and surname: Emin Abdo
Mother’s name: Zelixa
Father’s name: Hesen
Place and date of martyrdom: Tabka 22.01.2024

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