“Comrade Adar made a unique effort in developing the women’s struggle for liberation”

YPJ statement regarding the martyrdom of Adar Cudi
Adar cudi

“Comrade Adar made a unique effort in developing the women’s struggle for liberation”

The women’s revolution in North and East Syria has reached all segments of society. The women who join the Freedom Movement become the main force to develop and protect the revolution. Adar Cudi was a comrade who had taken her place in the Women’s Protection Units at the beginning of the revolution.

Adar Cudi, civilian name Sherine Ali, was born in Haseke into a family that was bound to their land and people. This family background opened the way for her to search for a free life. It was the beginning of the revolution when Adar Cudi joined the Women’s Protection Units to protect the identity of her people, her land, and her culture. Comrade Adar Cudi can be seen as a symbol of the pioneering role that women took, laying the foundation of the YPJ until its official declaration. Comrade Adar made a unique effort in developing the women’s struggle for liberation and an equal society. She played a vital role in combating occupation and massacres, especially in the fight against ISIS. In the campaigns to liberate Haseke, Shadaddi, and Til Temir, she fought on the very frontlines against Turkish occupation and the brutal attacks of ISIS’ terrorism. Comrade Adar embodied the principles of our struggle with strong determination, in both the social and the military field. Until her last breath, she was relentlessly working to fulfill our duties .

On July 27, she was on a mission together with her comrades Hasina Musa Muhammad (Avashin Kodi), Heba Abdel Qader Bakr (Heba Hasaka), Berivan Abdel Khalaf (Berivan Hasaka) and Amina Nabo Suleiman (Dalar Kobani). In a tragic accident she was seriously injured and despite all effort and treatment, comrade Adar Cudi was martyred on July 31.

We offer our deepest condolences to the family of Adar Cudi, to the families of all our martyrs and to all people who believe in freedom. As the Women’s Protection Units, we promise to follow the footsteps of our martyrs and to strengthen our comradeship with them by creating a system of a free and democratic society.

The identity details of martyr Adar Cudi are as follows:

Codename: Adar Cudi
Name and surname: Sherine Ali
Mother’s name: Layla
Father’s name: Abdel-Baqi
Place and date of birth: 1985- Hasakah
Place and date of martyrdom: 31.07.2023 / Aleppo

YPJ General Command