“Let us raise their flag high and continue their march towards victory.”

Statement of the YPJ General Command regarding the martyrdom of the comrades Sorxwîn Celal and Arîn Kobanê
سورخوين جلال

“Let us raise their flag high and continue their march towards victory.”

Our comrades Arîn Kobanê and Sorxwîn Celal got martyred in an air strike by the occupying and fascist Turkish state.

The invasions and brutal attacks by the Turkish state are targeting the fighters and leaders of the revolution, as well as patriots and people active in the revolution: our comrades Arîn Kobanê and Commander Sorxwîn Celal were martyred in one of the worst of those attacks in Kobanê on April 3. We pay tribute to the memory, the hard work, and the dedication of these comrades. We honor and respect them, offer our condolences to their families, their people, and all the fighters. Also, we vow to take revenge for these attacks, one by one.

Our friend Arîn Kobanê was born in a patriotic and devoted family and grew up with this culture. Growing up, she joined the revolutionary movement and quickly distinguished herself as a dedicated worker for the cause of freedom. With a strong sense of duty to her community, she actively participated in various missions and operations, demonstrating military prowess and providing effective leadership.

Our friend Sorxwîn Jalal, born into the patriotic Pinyanishi tribe in Çele, was raised in the traditional Kurdish culture. She was raised with a sense of love for her land and people from a young age, and actively participated in rebellions against occupying forces in Çele while she was a child. When ISIS mercenaries, backed by the fascist and genocidal Turkish state, attacked Kobanê, she joined the resistance of that city. Our comrade Sorxwîn bravely joined the resistance of Kobanê in 2014 and stood strong until the day of her martyrdom. Throughout the revolutionary actions and operations, she showed great courage and self-sacrifice. From the battles of Tilberak and Tilhemis to the conflicts in Hesekê and Serekani, she always took a leading role at the front lines, demonstrating bravery and loyalty. She was injured multiple times and lost an eye, our commander Sorxwîn Jalal became a wounded of war. Known for her compassion and ability to hold her fellow fighters close to her heart, Commander Sorxwîn was admired for her humility and patience. She left a lasting impact on all who knew her, earning the love and respect of her comrades.

We again bring our heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of our fallen comrades. We pledge to intensify our efforts in pursuit of their goals and honor their memory by carrying on their mission. Let us raise their flag high and continue their march towards victory. We urge our community to uphold the legacy of our heroes. Stay vigilant against the deceptions and attacks of our enemies, and respond as needed.

Nom de guerre: Sorwîn Celal
Name and surname: Vahide Atalay
Mother’s name: Hüzneycan
Father’s name: Haci
Place and date of martyrdom: 03.04.2024/Kobanê

Nom de guerre: Arîn Kobanê
Date of martyrdom: 03-04-2024

YPJ general command