Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs completed

Joint forces announce end of operation against ISIS cells

Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs completed

To the Media and Public Opinion

The Internal Security Forces and Syrian Democratic Forces, enabled by the International Coalition airpower, launched a large-scale security operation that lasted from January 25th to February 1st and targeted dozens of potential points and hideouts in Raqqa and its countryside(Al-Karama), Tabqa and its countryside, and Sarren and its countryside. The operations resulted in immediate and effective results against the ISIS plans and movements in the region. 

Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs was launched upon the request of notables, tribal sheiks, and the local populace, and following the increased terrorist acts of the ISIS cells, such as extortion of the local populace and the treacherous terrorist attack on the center of the Internal Security Forces and a prison holding ISIS detainees in the al-Dariyah neighborhood in Raqqa on December 26, in addition to the ISIS efforts to reorganize its cells, changing its tactics and terrorist acts to focus on cities, and making the chaos that enables its elements to escape.

During the sweep and raid operations, the forces arrested 127 wanted terrorists and suspects, including Atallah Al-Methan, the Wali (governor) of the so-called Wilayah al-Raqqa, who was appointed by ISIS to manage the affairs of the so-called Wilayah al-Raqqa, in addition to dismantling 4-terrorist cell involved in planning and providing logistical support, preparing the explosives, and hiding and smuggling the injured terrorists who attacked the center of the Internal Security Forces. Many weapons, ammunition, and booklets on ISIS extremist ideology were also seized, in addition to uncovering old tunnels used by ISIS terrorists when they were controlling Raqqa city.

The joint forces managed to dismantle the terrorist cells and their dangerous operatives, destroying channels of communication between them, uprooting their potential hideouts, and drying up the enabling environment, primarily the facilitators and recruitment networks.

In conclusion, we, the forces participating in Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs, highly appreciate the supporting stances of our people in the areas of operations, particularly the notables and tribal leaders who raised their voices against ISIS cells, supporting our forces at all stages of the Operation. We announce the Operation is completed, and our forces will continue hunting down the ISIS terrorist cells through focused security operations when necessary, thwarting their plans that aim at destabilizing safety and security in our regions that provided thousands of martyrs for eliminating all kinds of terrorism.  

Joint Operation Command of Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs 

February 02, 2023