Video: The imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan analysed by YPJ members

Members of YPJ and HPC-Jin are evaluating the international complot against Abdullah Öcalan that led to his imprisonment on February 15, 1999

Video: The imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan analysed by YPJ members

In this video YPJ spokesperson Ruksen Mihamed, Arab YPJ fighter Lîmar Cûdî, and Nawer Yusef, head of the Civil Women Defense Forces HPC-Jin in Haseke are analysing the international complot against Abdullah Öcalan.

Nawer Yusef beginngs with explaining the dimension of the international complot: “The complot that took place on the 15th of February was an international complot against Abdullah Öcalan. But this was not only against him. It was against all oppressed peoples, because Abdullah Öcalan has been fighting for peoples’ freedom.”

YPJ spokesperson Ruksen Mihamed continues: “It is a complot against humanity. Against women’s freedom. Because by targeting the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Öcalan, our existence, democracy and freedom are also being targeted. The existence of women has been targeted. The existence of the peoples has been targeted.”

Nawer Yusuf adds: “This complot was against women, because Öcalan wanted the freedom of women. He says: “The liberation of women is the liberation of society.” So that’s why they arrested him.”

Lîmar Cûdî is an Arab fighter within the ranks of YPJ. She says: “When we say that we want women’s freedom, we don’t mean that we want freedom only for women. We also want freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, because for the past 24 years there has been an international complot against him.”

Ruksen Mihemed is drawing attention to the books Abdullah Öcalan wrote while being in prison: “Abdullah Öcalan wrote several manifestos on the liberation of women. Those books are for all women. Primarily for the Kurdish women but also for all the women of the world. Thanks to the thoughts of Öcalan, women finally got an identity, were able to make decisions and to take responsibility in all spheres of society.”

Nawer Yusuf continues: “As women, we will never give up on Öcalan. We’ll never give up on his ideas, on the fact that he drew our freedom. Now, we have reached the point that we have many opportunities, and this is thanks to his work. We can be everywhere now, in military or in politics. Abdullah Öcalan made it possible for us. In the cities, within the framework of the democratic nation and in the Autonomous Administration, the women gained a lot of opportunities and rights. Those gains come all from the thoughts and philosophy of Öcalan.”

The spokesperson of YPJ explains how the complot against the person of Abdullah Öcalan aimed to attack the people: “The capitalist system and the states who took place in the complot tried to break the will-power and the belief of the people. With an attack on Abdullah Öcalan, they wanted to destroy the people.”

Lîmar Cûdî adds: “If anyone says that our will for freedom is becoming weaker every year, this would be an enormous lie. Each year, when the 15th of February comes, for us it’s a black day and we don’t take it lightly. But also, each year this day builds in us even more anger against the enemy, even more will and motivation to strengthen our fight so that we can make the women’s movement grow. “Freedom for Öcalan” is said by different voices, the voices of Arab women, Kurdish women, Armenian, Syriac and women from other nations. This is giving us more motivation every year to reach freedom.”

Nawer Yusuf is calling on the international public to put an end on the isolation and imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan: “In the name of all women who were able to get rights and improve their situation, and in the name of all women that were dreaming to have the life that we have now, we’re calling the world to the end the isolation of our leader Abdullah Öcalan.”

Ruksen Mihamed end her statement with calling to the women of the world to fight for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan: “We’re calling all the women around the world, especially the Kurdish women, to act against the isolation system and the Imrali prison. We call everyone to take responsibility for the struggle and be part of the resistance so that we can fight all together to demolish and end this unjust prison system.”