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“Our people’s love for the land will break the occupation”

YPJ statement on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Afrin
afrin occupation

“Our people’s love for the land will break the occupation”

To Our People and The Public!

On the fifth anniversary of the occupation of Afrin, we continue our struggle, the spirits of the Afrin martyrs with us. Our people’s love for the land will turn to revenge and will break the occupation. Those who do not accept the will of the people, the enemies of democracy and freedom; They seek to eliminate free land, and the existence of a free society through genocide, massacre and occupation. The current threats and attacks by the Turkish occupying state against Rojava, North Syria and East Syria are the result of this murderous understanding of power. Our people defend themselves against the invasion carried out by the Turkish state. Our people fight for freedom in the resistance areas. Our people, who on 19 November clearly showed their position against the Turkish state’s air strikes, showed that they will defend their country and its revolution from Shehba to Kobane to Derik. We are a defense force that embodies the power and will of our people. So we will continue our fight until there are no more occupiers anywhere. We promise our people, all our comrades who shed their blood in Afrin that we will not abandon our country to the invaders.

YPJ General Command