The annual report of the violations’ outcome of the Turkish occupation and ISIS mercenaries against North and East Syria

The Turkish aggression in numbers

The annual report of the violations’ outcome of the Turkish occupation and ISIS mercenaries against North and East Syria

To the media and public opinion:

During the year 2022, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries committed thousands of violations against the region of NE Syria and its inhabitants. The year 2022 has been the bloodiest and most materially and physically harmful for the population since the Turkish invasion of the regions of Tal Abyad and Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain back on October 2019. The occupation used warplanes, UAVs, artillery, and tanks, causing great damage to crucial infrastructure, residential areas, roads, and farms, threatening openly and clearly to cause a humanitarian catastrophe, especially in light of the widespread destruction and continuous bombardment of the entire region of NE Syria.

Moreover, the Turkish repeated violations and attacks on the regions of NE Syria stretched from Afrin to Dêrik, as well as the deliberate targeting of civilians including, women, children, men and the elderly confirm once again the occupation’s intention to displace our people, forcing them to leave their homes which is considered a crime against humanity that has become clear, explicit and proven by evidence and irrefutable documents which condemns the Turkish occupation for war crimes.

In addition to the brutal attacks on the region, the occupation deliberately used agents and spies to strike stability and security, spreading discord among the population. Our forces arrested dozens of mercenary agents and dismantled criminal networks, including drug trafficking networks.

The direct targeting of the leaders and fighters of our forces who had the most prominent role in eliminating the alleged state of ISIS, the clear and public coordination between the occupation’s attacks and the movements of ISIS cells, the public support provided by the occupation to the terrorist attack on the al-Sina’a prison in Al-Hasaka, the attacks targeted the al-Hol camp and its surroundings, and the eliminating of the ISIS leaders and members by the International Coalition in the Turkish-occupied areas, all of these, constitutes the biggest challenge facing our forces and the international forces in their struggle to the lasting defeat of ISIS and confirms once again the direct link between Turkey and ISIS, which has always used the Turkish border to cross into Syrian territory. Apparently, the Turkish-occupied areas were and are still the warm embrace of ISIS leaders and members.

This report provides a statistical outcome of the Turkish occupation’s violations and the outcome of the ISIS cells’ attacks against the regions of NE Syria of Syria, in addition to the combined anti-ISIS operations conducted by our forces and the international coalition.

First: The outcome of the Turkish occupation’s violations:

The number of Turkish attacks and violations during 2022: 17,596 violations and they were as follows:

1 – The number of shells used: /17433/ shells of heavy artillery, mortars, and tanks.

2 – The number of UAV strikes: /120/ strike, including five suicide drone attacks.

3 – The number of warplanes’ raids: /43/ raids.

4- The civilian casualties: /263/ civilians were injured, including /59/ children and /44/ women.

5 – The civilian martyrs: /59/ civilians, including /12/ children and /5/ women.

6- The number of killed enemy soldiers in legitimate retaliation operations: 44 Turkish soldiers and 22 mercenaries.

The damages and destructions caused by the attacks:

1- The municipality building in Zarkan.

2 – The electricity network in Tal Tamir (line / 66 / kilovolts).

3 – The fourth power station in the village of Taqil Baqil,  Derik.

4 – The primary school in the village of “Karamel” in the areas of Al-Shahba’a.

5- The Assyrian cemeteries in the villages of Tel Juma and Tel Shanan.

6 – The Internet network in Zarkan.

7- The church of “Mar Sawa” in the countryside of Tal Tamir.

8 – The mosque of the al-Jat village in Manbij.

9 – The water station in the village of “Al-Fatsa, Ain Isa countryside.

11 – The sponge factory in al-Hasaka city.

12 – The educational center of minor girls in Al-Hasaka.

13 – The Mills Company in Kobane.

15- The water station in the village of al-Hisha, Ain Isa countryside.

16- The high-voltage electricity network in Tal Tamir.

17- The grain silos in the village of Dahr al-Arab in Zarkan.

18- The Internal Security Forces building in Zarkan.

19 – The high-voltage electricity lines that feed the Tal Tamir power station.

20- The Corona Hospital in Qamishli.

21 – The high-voltage electricity lines (66 KV) that feed  Tal Tamir.

22- The civil associations affiliated with the Autonomous Administration in Zarkan, Tal Tamir, and Ain Issa.

23 – The mosque of the village of al-Fatsa, Ain Isa countryside.

24- The Dijla Oil Station in Jal Agha countryside.

25 – The Sweidia Gas Station in Qamishli.

26 – The oil stations of “Saida” and “Zaraba” in the northern countryside of Terpe Spi.

27- The main oil station in the village of “Mashouk” and a reservoir in the “Mel Hasnak” station in Terpe Spi.

28- The power station in the district of Terpe Spi.

29 – The oil fields in the district of Turbat Sabih.

30- Targeting the Swedish gas facility in Dirk countryside for the second time.

31- The Corona Hospital in Kobane.

32- The health center in the village of Qaramog in Kobane.

33- The tower of communication in the Saluk village in Kobane.

34 –The mosque of the village of “Al-Tarwaziyah” in the Ain Isa countryside.

35- The bakery of the al-Rabiat village in Zarkan.

36- The roads used by civilians, in addition to the farms and agricultural machinery belonging to the people.

The outcome of the ISIS terrorist cells’ attacks and the combined anti-ISIS operations conducted by our forces and the international coalition:

The terrorist organization of ISIS took advantage of our forces’ preoccupation in confronting the Turkish occupation’s attacks on the regions of NE Syria. Therefore, ISIS cells escalated their attacks, targeting local communities and those who reject their terrorism, as well as security and military forces, prisons, and camps that contain its detainees and their extremist families. The attacks of ISIS in 2022 reflect changes in its tactics in an attempt to prove its strength and reactivate the extremist tendency among its elements and cells after they have lost hope during the past period, especially after the many setbacks of the organization.

1- The total number of combined anti-ISIS operations:

/113/ operations, including /3/ military exercises with the international coalition.

Areas of Operations:

Al-Hasakah and its countryside: 43 operation, including 8 operations in the vicinity of the al-Hol camp

Deir Ezzor areas: 53 operations

Raqqa and its countryside: 13 operations, including one operation in Tabqa

Manbij: one operation

2 – Operation Hammer of Peoples, al-Sina’a prison:

– 3500 detainees of ISIS were arrested in batches while trying to escape the prison, they were forced to surrender in the very building they were barricaded.

– 386 terrorist attackers were killed in clashes with our forces

The number of ISIS cells detainees:

– The terrorist arrested in separate operations: 267 terrorists, (including leaders, elements, and collaborators).

The number of terrorists killed during the attacks: 387 terrorists, including 375 terrorist attackers in the al-Sinaa prison, and 12 others during separate operations.

– The number of ISIS terrorist acts, including (suicide attacks, IEDs, and extortion of civilians): 176 terrorist acts.

During our forces’ legitimate struggle against the attacks of the ISIS terrorist cells, the Turkish occupation, and its mercenaries, and against all other parties trying to destabilize security and undermine stability, /178/ of our fighters were martyred, including 95 martyred while confronting the Turkish attacks, and 69 others were martyred while fighting against the ISIS terrorist cells, and 14 others martyred due to traffic accidents and illnesses.

Our forces’ struggle reflects their main commitment to protect the region and its peoples and their sacrifices were an impregnable barrier to the occupying schemes of the Turkish State and ISIS mercenaries.

On this basis, while we reiterate our pledge to our people to continue the struggle against all attacks, we call on the international community once again to assume its responsibilities and duties towards the dangerous violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenary factions against our people in NE Syria, including the Turkish-occupied territories, and we also call on our partners in the international coalition to increase the support to our forces and the population of the region in proportion to the magnitude of dangers and challenges posed by ISIS and its terrorist cells and the size of the destruction caused to the region as a result of the war against terrorism.

SDF Media Center

December 28, 2022