“These occupation attacks by the Turkish state are a great danger to people everywhere in the world”

Statement from the YPJ General Command about Turkish state's attacks on Christmas.

“These occupation attacks by the Turkish state are a great danger to people everywhere in the world”

The attacks that the Turkish fascist occupation state is proceeding right now are the result of the common politics of the hegemonic forces. Today, in front of the world’s eyes, the same revolution that became a hope for all people faces attacks outside of any existing laws. These ruthless attacks of the Turkish state target mostly oil facilities, construction sites, workshops, and the whole of the infrastructure of the region. As a result, some of our people have become martyrs. These attacks are being conducted in pursuit of the destruction and genocide of the peoples of the region.

The defence of our earth and homeland is the reason for our existence and struggle. We, as the YPJ, have, with our struggle against ISIS, defended humanity’s values as a whole. In contrast, the Turkish state, which is undergoing bankruptcy in the political, social and military fields, attacks our region in the manner of a rabid wolf. These occupation attacks by the Turkish state are a great danger to people everywhere in the world. The silence of the international state powers against those attacks essentially constitutes an agreement to these attacks and the restrengthening of ISIS.

Erdoğan spoke of morality and the values of humanity concerning the war between Hamas and Israel. But the brutal Turkish state has itself overcome the level of intensity of any of the violence that has been seen throughout history with its attacks against North and East Syria. Our legitimate struggle will continue in the face of all ongoing actions by the fascist Turkish state. Our people show daily with their attitude and alignment with the revolution how determined they are to defend and solidify the revolution. We call on our people to strengthen their level of organization to defeat Turkish fascism.

First, we send our condolences to the families of the martyred citizens and all of our people, and we wish for the wounded to get well soon. Our revolution started with the willpower and decisiveness of our people and the support of the freedom-loving peoples of the world. Without the resistance and uprising of our people, our statements and attitudes as institutions would not be successful. On this ground, we greet the attitude of our sacred resisting peoples, who never stand down against the terror of the Turkish state. We will defend our people and revolution with a self-sacrificing spirit. All the world should know: those who try to turn our homeland into a hellfire will burn in the fire of the inferno themselves.

YPJ General Command