Turkey has conducted 40 drone attacks against NES in 2022

The Statement of the martyrdom of three YPJ fighters stroked by a Turkish drone

Turkey has conducted 40 drone attacks against NES in 2022

To our people and the public! The process that is taking place in current days in Kurdistan we could described as annihilation of Kurdish people and attempt of destruction of the Democratic Nation project. The Turkish state, in cooperation with some local and international forces, is attacking all four parts of Kurdistan in every way. This also shows that the different murderous forces are cooperating among each other with the aim of annihilation of the Kurdish people and for their own profit. The occupying Turkish state is intensifying its attacks on the region and trying to expand its territory.

Under the leadership of the YPJ, the Rojava Revolution took place and it have cost thousands of lives when we stood against ISIS. It was for all humanity and this gave a hope for freedom to all women and people of the region.

But from the beginning of the Rojava revolution till today, the occupying Turkish state is attacking the people of North and East Syria and the Rojava revolution in front of the eyes of the world which mostly stays silent toward this genocide. On April 20, 2022, our comrades Dilar, Ronahi and Kobani were targeted by Turkish drone while on were duty and became martyrs.

Comrade Dilar Aleppo, was a member of the YPJ the general command in Kobani and she took part in the Rojava revolution in Aleppo in 2012 with great enthusiasm and confidence she fought to liberate her land. In a short time, she has deepen herself in the philosophy of freedom and the ideology of women’s liberation and became a female commander taking a leading position in the revolution.

Our friend Dilar, she joined the revolution without any doubts, took duties and responsibilities on her shoulders and gave everything what she could to her people, she has became good commander and gave a lot of strength to the all women and the revolution. For all of us, she was the symbol of warm companionship, an example of woman in struggle, a woman who expresses her existence with a strength and have became example of the leader of free futures. Comrade Dilar played a decisive role in the Rojava revolution, in the wars which she took part she gave a lot of effort and was playing a leading role in every resistance. Especially in Aleppo, in the resistance of Sheikh Maqsud and the liberation of Minbic

Comrade Ronahi Kobani was inspire by the Kobani resistance in 2014 and she joined the YPJ ranks in the fight for the freedom, for women liberation and freedom of her people and fought against the brutality of ISIS gangs and resisted like thousands of others comrades in Kobanê. She was injured in this instance and despite all the difficulties of her injury, she embraces the struggle for freedom with great enthusiasm and took place in the Raqqa liberation with great determination. After many years of taking part within the YPJ, she became the Co-Chair of the Kobani Defense Committee when he was martyred she was carring out the work of the Defense Committee.

Comrade Kobani, who joined the YPJ ranks in 2020 at a young age, she grew up in family with revolutionary tradition and with a big enthusiasm join the revolution and too part in the YPJ ranks. She was in the path and strong search for freedom, always with great love and interest she embraced the revolution.

As YPJ forces, we give condolences to the families of Comrade Dilar, Ronahi, and Kobani. We say we have never left on the ground the avenged of our martyrs and we will not do it either this time . Our revolution have reached this days with the will and sacrifice of all our martyrs and will expand and continue in the same way in the future. Just as our comrades Dilar, Ronahi, and Kobani have fulfilled their duties in an unwavering spirit and protected the Rojava revolution, we will continue in the same spirit and reach the victory of free Kurdistan. On this basis, our call is to all people to uphold their duty and responsibility and to stand up for their martyrs and all the values of the revolution. We believe that as fighters and people together, with the strategy of with the and understanding the revolutionary people’s war, we can resist any kinds of attacks and destruction and guarantee the freedom of Kurdistan.