YPJ on Turkish attacks: We will defeat this genocidal mentality

Statement of the YPJ General Command on the current attacks of the Turkish state.

YPJ on Turkish attacks: We will defeat this genocidal mentality

To our people and the public,

The occupation force of the Turkish State, which continues to show its fascist and murderous face, has carried out countless acts of brutality against our people. Last night’s attacks in the regions of Dêrik, Kobanê, Eyn Îsa, Dirbêsiyê, Zirgan, Şehba and Til Rifat in Rojava and North-East Syria are nothing short of a fascist massacre.

Despite the fact that fascist Erdoğan cites the provocation in Istanbul as an excuse for the aggression, it is known to everyone that preparations to attack Rojava and North-East Syria territories have been planned long ago. The terror regime of Erdoğan is attacking our regions today with a genocidal mentality in the same way as it killed its very own people. Yet, the AKP-MHP fascism should know that they will not succeed.

We know that our people will defend their lands, which are covered with the blood of ten thousand martyrs, and claim their patriotism and values. The women and young people in Rojava and North-East Syria should take their places in positions to defend their territories against attacks.

We offer our condolences to the heroes who lost their lives in this massacre, and wish the injured a speedy recovery. Let our people know that those killed will be avenged. These attacks by the Turkish terrorist state are neither the first nor the last. We have never bowed to these attacks and we shall never take a step back. With our victorious culture of resistance, we will fight everywhere and defeat this genocidal mentality of the terror regime.

YPJ General Command