“In front of the light of the Newroz fires fascism will definitely fail”

YPJ’s statement on the occasion of Newroz celebrations.

“In front of the light of the Newroz fires fascism will definitely fail”

With the help of contemporary Kawa that are fighting against the Dehaks of this time, the women’s revolution of Rojava has once again renewed the people’s hope.The women’s struggle, embodied by YPJ, getting brighter with every season just like the Newroz fire. Newroz has always been an expression of the struggle against domination.

The celebrations of March 21 are welcomed in North and East Syria with firm determination to protect the achievements of the revolution. Against all the games and policies of denial, extermination, and assimilation, raising the struggle in the spirit of Newroz will make the invaders’ efforts empty. The history of our resistant people, like the women led North and East Syrian revolution, did not accept the fate imposed on the people by the dictators. As the fighters of the people, we lost many dear souls. But today, all parts of the world are raising their voices chanting “Women, Life, Freedom”, this is a source of pride for us as women who lead the revolution. This year’s Newroz, we celebrate rebelling against the notion of men and the state. Now it’s ‘Dem Dema Azadiya’ (time for freedom) for women and people. Gathering around the Newroz fire that announces a new spring that will bring freedom.

On the eve of Newroz, nine of our dear friends fell martyrs. All of them contributed incredible efforts in the defense of the land and the people. We want to remember all our martyrs whose soul reached the sacredness of the Newroz fire, and rising the Newroz fire will definitely defeat fascism.

YPJ General Command