With respect to Commander Gulçiya Gabar

YPJ statement on the martyrdom of Commander Gulçiya Gabar

With respect to Commander Gulçiya Gabar

The struggle against the concept of the man-state, the source of fascism, was accomplished by the resistance of commanders such as Gülçiya. Comrade Gülçiya waged a relentless struggle for freedom over every inch of the homeland. Possessing a spirit reaching the limits of endlessness, she joined the ranks of the creators of free life.

Comrade Gülçiya, as a Kurdish woman, spent every moment of her life with the spirit of female resistance, aiming to save the identity and existence of her people from occupation. For all women, she defines a legacy of historic resistance. The path of free life was embodied in the personality of Gulçiya. In the revolutionary struggle against the armies of the states, Commander Gülçiya fought with great sacrifice for the right to live, and made this the definition of her revolutionary life. From the mountains of Kurdistan, Comrade Gülçiya answered the desperation of her people, and joined the Women’s Revolution of Rojava to protect North-Eastern Syria from the global scourge of ISIS. When ISIS mercenaries were brandishing their swords and attacking the people of the region, Commander Gülçiya with the skills of a Kurdish woman turned herself into a shield. Commander Gülçiya took her place in the historical resistance of Rojava in the steps of liberating Tilberak, Shedadî, Tilhemîs, Hol, Kezwan Mountain, Siluk, Eyn Îsa, opening the corridor between Girêsipî and Kobanê, Mebruka, Serêkaniyê, Cezaa and even Mekmena Dêrazor. During the resistance of the Rojava Revolution, she fought against oppression and led the war as a female commander. Gülçiya is a the embodiment of the heroic woman created by Rêber Apo.

On this basis, we would like to express our condolences to the noble family of Commander Gülçiya Gabar, and to our people who have such noble values. As YPJ, we remain grateful to commander Gulçiya Gabar. Comrade Gülçiya fought for the implementation and survival of the revolution with a noble spirit. The line of freedom of our society, which has been established today and is going towards a definite victory, has survived until today thanks to the work of Commanders like Gülçiya. As YPJ, as fighters of Commander Gülçiya Gabar, we will be committed to fulfilling her goals and cause until the end.

YPJ General Command