“She became an example of sacrifice and dedication”

YPJ Media Center releases a statement on the martyrdom of Rojna Agid

“She became an example of sacrifice and dedication”

Resistance has always been the path of liberation for the oppressed people of the world. The women of our lands who participated in the resistance therefore became themselves part of history.

The people whose hope was buried and whose history was considered to be non-existent, despite being subjected to all kinds of attacks and destruction, have never forgotten that they have an ancient history. Many brave comrades like Mazloum, who carried out a big resistance against Turkish fascism in the prison of Amed, became historical figures for a whole people. Rojna Aqid, was born in the very city of Amed in which the historical prison resistance took place. She was born in 1975 and grew up in a family that was strongly connected to the history and values of resistance. Rojna had a brave heart and she felt the pain of her people. The more she saw the occupation of her land and people the more her anger for revenge was growing. In order to stop occupational policies, the people of this country do not acknowledge the borders that the state want to draw for them. At any moment their voice of revenge that seeks to end the pain and suffering of their people becomes loud.

Comrade Rojna grew up with the culture of resistance and made these characteristics part of her personality. This is the reason why she joined the ranks of the freedom movement. Her decision to join the resistance was the greatest revenge for the pain and suffering that was experienced by her people. In 1991, Rojna Agid joined the ranks of the freedom movement. Her participation in the Kurdish people’s freedom movement was the answer to hundreds of years of occupation.

The wish for a free life became like water for comrade Rojna: unstoppable. As a revolutionary woman, she developed a strong will and carried out resistance for freedom and a free homeland. With the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the lands of Rojava, comrade Rojna headed from the freedom mountains of Kurdistan to the city of Kobane. Her joining this struggle once again brought to life the culture of the Amed resistance. She participated in the Battle of Kobane and became a voice of revenge for the cries of women, children and the elderly who were trapped in the city. With her participation, she fulfilled her promise to end the occupation and actively took part in the liberation of Kobane.

Revolutions have always left many traces that had a great impact on societies. Without any doubt, the revolution in North and East Syria has reached the present day thanks to fighters and vanguards like Rojna. Since the beginning of the revolution, Comrade Rojna has been a source of strength and faith for her comrades. She took leadership roles and was known for her humbleness and steadfastness. She became a role model for many others, always walking towards victory. Comrade Rojna embodied the will to sacrifice and the principles of being a guerrilla.

Being part of this revolution requires a commitment to struggle, effort, and dedication. Comrade Rojna realized that there is nothing more valuable than our lives that we have to sacrifice for this land and if it is needed to give our lives in order to build a safe homeland, then she wouldn’t hesitate. Living with this knowledge, she became an example of sacrifice and dedication, always living to serve her people and her comrades.

Enthusiasm shone like daylight in her eyes when she was following the promise that she gave; the promise to liberate the people. After taking part in many military campaigns to liberate the people from ISIS, comrade Rojna worked organizing the people, especially the women. She knew that building up and educating a human being is as difficult as building up a revolution, but this never hindered her carrying out her duties. She was working with knowledge, love, and the feeling that her work will lead to victory. Organizing the society, and especially empowering women in all aspects of life, has been the most important task for Rojna to achieve success. Needless to say, she worked day and night with great dedication to achieve her goal. If today the women and youth of this country are joining the ranks of the revolution, it is surely because of the struggle of brave vanguards like comrade Rojna.

The enemy was not satisfied with shedding the blood of the people of this country. The enemy cannot let the people have success, and therefore continues its brutal attacks. The enemy knows that in all actions and activities of this revolution, women are the leading force, so this is why it increases its attacks. On the second of September 2023, our comrade Rojna was martyred in an Turkish attack.

We offer our deepest condolences to the family of our comrade, the heroic martyr Rojna Agid. We, as comrades, are sure that our promise of revenge will build up a free and secure homeland.

Media center of the Women’s Protection Units