“Our strength and determination will never be broken”

Statement on the martyrdom of YPJ Commander Şervîn Serdar and her friends Nûcan Ocalan and Canda Cûdî

“Our strength and determination will never be broken”

On September 15th, the occupying Turkish state carried out an attack on the city of Minbic. As a result, a member of the YPJ Military Council leadership and a member of the Minbic Military Council, Şervîn Serdar and her friends Nûcan Ocalan and Canda Cûdî were martyred.

The brutal Turkish state attacks our people and the vanguards of the revolution in North and East Syria every day with methods that are beyond any standards of war. Our struggle has created great fear in the heart of Erdoğan’s bloodthirsty regime. The occupying Turkish state is organizing itself on the basis of special warfare. The way the Turkish state is organizing its aim to eliminate a people is unique in history. Today, the center of these dirty politics lies in Syria. The Turkish state is a remnant of the Ottoman Empire that seeks to occupy our areas by establishing a Neo-Ottoman regime to rule our land and people. This is why Erdogan is trying to suppress every voice that rises for freedom and democracy by using all kind of attacks.

From the beginning of our struggle until today, we as Women’s Defense Units turned ourselves into a protective shield against any kinds of attack. Seeing this as our duty, we gave thousands of martyrs and therefore created an example of a new life for all those looking for freedom. In our struggle against the Islamic State, we as the YPJ became a symbol of women’s spirit that is ready to sacrifice themselves for humanity. As YPJ we became an inspiration of hope for a new life for people all over the world.

Today, our heroic comrades are being targeted by Erdogan. Erdogan is the enemy of the free will and the very existence of women. September 15th marks the anniversary of ISIS’s attack on Kobane. It is not a coincidence that the three revolutionary women were targeted by the Turkish state on this day. The ongoing hostile attacks of the Turkish state are expressing the continuous support of Turkey for ISIS. The Turkish attacks are aiming to break the will of the revolution that was created by the values that Leader Apo spread on this land. With his effort, the families living on these lands developed a deep love for their country and for democracy. This consciousness that is deeply rooted within the people will never allow the enemy to reach its goals. Through his struggle and his relentless effort throughout Syria, Leader Apo has created a society in which the families want to live in dignity and democracy. One of those families is the family of Commander Şervin who spread the love for a free country in the hearts of their children.

Commander Şervin was born in 1981 in the city of Dirbesiye. In 1998, she decided to join the Freedom Movement. Commander Şervin started her struggle for freedom in the free mountains of Kurdistan. After many years, she returned and came to join the Rojava Revolution. During 25 years, Commander Şervin took up revolutionary responsibility and was deeply bound to the ideology of Leader Apo who put women’s liberation at the center of our struggle. The personality of Commander Şervin was marked by the willingness to sacrifice. As a leading female commander, she worked hard on building, protecting and developing the revolution in all areas of life. She represented the militant line in all fields of life whether it be in politics, diplomacy or within the defense works. As a female commander, she believed in the success of the people’s revolution. Commander Şervin played a leading role as a female commander in the recent ‘Operation Security Reinforcement’ that defeated the corrupt policies of foreign forces who planned to destroy the people’s unity within the region of Deir ez-Zor. At every moment of her life, she represented the slogan of “Woman, Life, Freedom” in her personality. Our brave comrade and commander Şervin became a commander of the struggle for people’s freedom. As a revolutionary woman she upheld the standards of a free woman until the end.

The revolution has always been alive with the legacy of revolutionaries like Commander Şervin. The achievements of the women’s revolution are passed from one generation to another. The participation of our young fighters Nucan and Canda expresses this fact. Comrade Nucan joined the ranks of the YPJ at a young age in order to protect the achievements of the revolution and prevent invasion. Comrade Nucan is from the city of Minbic and represented the spirit of young women within our ranks. She developed a strong loyalty to the values of the revolution and strengthened her personality. By carrying out her duties she was always following her goal to establish a modern democratic system.

Comrade Canda Cûdi is originally from the city of Girê Sipî (Til Ebyad). After the Turkish invasion of her home, she joined the ranks of the YPJ. She turned her anger into the promise to take revenge on the occupation of her land. Comrade Canda was deeply bound to the values of her community. Being a mother of two children, she took up revolutionary duties with the consciousness of creating a future in dignity for all the children of her country. In a short period of time, she developed a revolutionary attitude and gained knowledge in both military and ideological trainings and took part in the front lines against the invasion of the Turkish state.

Our comrades Şervin, Canda and Nûcan represent the spirit of true comradeship, the unity of theory and practice and revolutionary principles. They fulfilled their duties without any hesitation or fear, always with a loyal spirit and the willingness to sacrifice until the very end.

We express our deepest condolences to the families of our dear comrades Commander Şervin, Canda and Nucan and to all our people who are fighting against the attacks and who will never surrender. We have liberated these lands from the atrocities of the invaders with the labor and blood of comrades like Commander Şervin, Canda and Nûcan. On this basis, we will continue the struggle of our martyred comrades and we will become militants of revenge. Our strength and determination will never be broken.

The identity details of our martyred comrades are as follows:

Nom de guerre: Şervîn Serdar
Name and surname: Îman Mehmûd Derwêş
Mother’s name: Dilşa
Father’s name: Mehmûd
Place and date of martyrdom: Minbic  – 15.09.2023

Nom de guerre: Canda Cûdî
Name and surname: Sara Mihemed Ebdî
Mother’s name: Şemsê
Father’s name: Mihemed
Place and date of martyrdom: Minbic  – 15.09.2023

Nom de guerre: Nûcan Ocalan
Name and surname: Şîlan Mihemed Ehmed
Mother’s name: Sîham
Father’s name: Mihemed
Place and date of martyrdom: Minbic  – 15.09.2023

YPJ General Command