“She grew the dream of a free and independent Kurdistan”

YPJ statement on the martyrdom of Cudi Egîd

“She grew the dream of a free and independent Kurdistan”

The Women’s Revolution of Rojava became a sacred shelter for everyone who wants to be free. This ancient land is full of beauty and magic. The borders drawn by the occupying forces were made meaningless by the Rojava Revolution. The unity of the people was revived against the genocidal mentality by the spirit of resistance of these heroic women.

Our friend Tuğba Karakoç, code name Cudi Egîd, was born in the city of Diyarbakır, the Kurdish city known as Amed, in 1995, in a family dedicated to the freedom of their land. Amed is well known as a city with a deep history of resistance and fight. The land on which a person is born plays a decisive role in shaping the personality of a person. That’s why the people who live on that land, like the magnificent walls of Amed, always resist the oppressors and do not surrender. This tradition of resistance paves the way for Cudi as well to choose a revolutionary life. In Cudi’s family this involvement in the freedom movement also allows Cudi to make concrete decisions in his search for a free life. In particular, two of Cudi’s brothers joining this freedom fight had a great impact on her. In such a culture that values the country’s freedom until the end, Cudi’s search for freedom by joining these ranks reaches its true meaning. Our comrade Cudi rebelled against the genocidal mentality of the Turkish state and went to the mountains of Kurdistan in 2013 filled with the spirit of resistance of the city of Amed. This time spent in the mountains of Kurdistan gave Cudi a lot of experience and wisdom, and in her heart with every stone, every bed of or flowing water, she grew the dream of a free and independent Kurdistan. From this great hope of hers she developed herself both ideologically and militarily.

Comrade Cudi, after her struggle in the free mountains, headed to Rojava to answer to the brutal attacks of the ISIS gangs. She waged a merciless fight against a level of brutality not seen in centuries, and rose to her duties as a female militant within the ranks of the YPJ. She had made a special place among her colleagues with her selfless, humble and enthusiastic attitude. She waged an armed struggle against occupation and domination and also became the archetype of the heroes who lived on this land. She joined the ranks of the revolution every day with the same enthusiasm of the very first day and took her place in many different fields of the revolution. In order to build a free, democratic society and the freedom of women, with the spirit of self-sacrifice she endured all the difficult conditions and held the weight of the revolution on her shoulders.

Our comrade Cûdi Egîd reached martyrdom on May 11th, 2023 as a result of the attack by drones of the occupying Turkish state. The occupying Turkish state is carrying out such indiscriminate attacks with the aim of eliminating the leaders of the women’s revolution in Rojava. The level of determination of our revolution, both as a defense force and as a people, shows itself in the embodiment of women’s leadership. This creates great fear in the hearts of enemies like Erdoğan. Erdoğan and the Turkish state, which has a deep history of genocide, are trying to relieve their broken psyche with their attacks of this kind. But it is our oath to preserve the legacy of the martyrs in the cause of freedom. The ongoing struggle has given birth to many brave girls and boys. Our comrade Cudi was also one of those heroes who fought until her death to defeat the genocidal mentality.

We have made a commitment to our martyrs. Our promise to the martyrs of the people’s freedom will reach its true meaning by ensuring a free future. First of all, we express our condolences to the freedom-loving family of Karakoç and all our people who are living a life of dignity in search for freedom. Our promise will be our revenge.

The identity details of the YPJ fighter are as follows:

Codename: Cûdî Egîd

First and last name: Tuğba Karakoç
Mother’s name: Mûzeyyen
Father’s name: Mehmet Sadiq
Place of Birth: 1995 / Amed
Place and date of Martyrdom: May 11, 2023 / Çelebiyê

YPJ General Command