We invite the whole world to condemn these actions with us

YPJ General Command releases statement on the current Turkish attacks

We invite the whole world to condemn these actions with us

The occupying Turkish state is currently conducting air strikes on the infrastructure of North and East Syria, in response to attacks on Turkish state infrastructure in Ankara. The genocidal state has continuously attacked our regions since the beginning of the revolution, often using events which have nothing to do with us as an excuse to carry out attacks aimed at exterminating the local people. Today the Turkish state attacked our civil infrastructure and openly justifies these attacks to the whole world.

Hakan Fidan, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, who could also be called a minister of special warfare, is carrying out the murderous intent of the Turkish state in justifying these attacks. During Operation “Security Reinforcement” in Deir Ez Zor, the Turkish state openly supported various armed groups to disturb the stability of the region – actions we have previously provided significant documentary evidence of. Having failed in that approach, they have now attacked Minbij and Til Temir.

Our existence as a defense force, and our systems of organizing society, play an important stabilising role in the region. Attacks carried out on our region aim at undermining our stability. All forces in our region should be aware of the consequences of these attacks, which have targeted our people. We will never accept this and we will respond to these attacks.

Air strikes have been carried out with the approval of those coalition forces who have been acting as guarantors of the airspace: they have opened the airspace, and are responsible for enabling the attacks of the Turkish state. We condemn the actions not only of the Turkish state, but all the forces that are violently complicit in the face of Turkish aggression. We invite the whole world to fulfill its humanitarian duties and condemn these actions with us.

When we started the people’s revolution, we believed in the will and determination of the people. Today we will protect our revolution with the same faith. As YPJ, we call on our people from all corners of the country to stand up against these attacks. The land that is under attack now was liberated by the blood of your children.

Our people have paid a heavy price for the development and growth of the revolution, and have lived through the most difficult conditions. They stand ready to protect their revolution and its achievements.

Let the whole world know that we will always protect the achievements of our revolution, no matter what, and we will not allow any invading force onto our holy land.

YPJ General Command